2005-02-03 - 11:42 p.m.

Wow, it's been a long time....
Hello girls, I've missed you all.
Let's see.... what's new in my world...
Well there still are not enough hours in the day.
It seems like I accomplish less and less with each passing week.
I quit smoking 5 months ago.
I've lost 23 pounds.
I feel great!!
I turned 36 last week.
Jeff bought me an ironing board for my birthday.
Then he said "Just kidding...here's your real present...a three stoned diamond ring.
I Love Him. I Love Him. I Love Him.
I am training for a marathon in June.
The marathon is in Hawaii (Sweet!!)
I will be walking the marathon not running, (I haven't completely lost my mind).
I'am back to working full time, (well maybe I have lost my mind).
Jake is great.
He loves his school and all of his friends and teachers.
Today he moved up to the pre-school room.
He was playing on the "Big-Kid" playground when I went to pick him up today.
I Love Him. I Love Him. I Love Him.
The Lease on my car is up next month.
I'm getting a MINI-VAN....Doh!!
I said I would never do it...
I said that no matter how many kids, I would NEVER buy a MINI-VAN!!
Guess what... I'm buying a F@#$%&* MINI-VAN...I'm crossing over to the dark side.
Before you know it I'll be wearing "Sweater-Sets" and carpooling to soccer games.
Oh who the F@#$ cares, it's gonna be a sweet ride daddy!!
Napoleon Dynamite Rocks!!
I caught you a delicious bass.
I went to see Sideways the other night...Loved it...Hilarious.
I'm off work tomorrow so I get to sleep in
and spend the whole day with my favorite guy...Mr.Jake.
We are going to the library to get his very own library card,
and to check out many books.
Who would have thought that a library card would be the highlight of my day.

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